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All types of web projects and all subjects. We collected data on trade proposals leading electronic stores, focusing on business intelligence and science.

Who will find fun huge music collections and online movie theaters ...

The Dynamics

News projects: magazines, newspapers, websites 90%
Universal portals 95%
Arts and Culture 80%
Games, music, movies 90%


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Whatever the case was not in front of - the project's success depends on how much time will pass between the emergence of the idea and its implementation. The most important factor that affects the speed is information. Portal directory Syndicate created in order to allow users to get the information that they need.

Directory concept is based on the principles of transparency, speed and availability alterativy. Whichever site is not aroused the interest you can always look at other people's opinion. Pages are connected by a plurality of attributes that makes surfing the web more comfortable and useful.

Selection of resources for designers

Sedna Freebie Peter Finlan

Innovation and know-how Freebie Peter Finlan

Fashion & Style

Synthetica Freebie by Peter Finlan

Psychology & Communication

Synthetica by Freebie Peter Finlan

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